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According to Google, religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

But who created religion?

Answering that question is like giving the answer to who created "God".

Both are merely words that are used in the english volcabulary but where did these "words" come from?  What are their roots?

A persons culture is synonymous with it's language.  When you change the culture you change the language.

Five thousand years ago the Egyptian culture had a language and 1800 years after that the Hebrews developed a language.  Let's start there.

The Hebrew name for word is dara, a noun, which means "order".  The verb form of dara is dabar meaning to "speak".  The ancient Hebrew understanding of "speaking" or a "speech," is an ordered arrangement of words.

Words in ancient Hebrew can be both masculine and feminine.  The noun dabar is a masculine noun.  The feminine form of this word is deborah and is the name Deborah, but also means "bee."  A bee hive is a colony of insects that live in a perfectly ordered society. 

The Hebrew people would relate its language to it's culture and their surroundings.  Their language had substance and was concrete, meaning you could find the relationship between their words and nature itself.  I could go further but I think you get the point.

How can we truly undertand the words that we use today without first understanding it's true meaning and root.

-Moses The Messenger



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